Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of school!!!

Ok well it was the end of the 2nd day of school that I took this picture, it has been so busy around here. Adam really likes his teacher and so far is liking school. He switches classes for Science on Wednesday and Thursday and he goes into Mrs. Williams class. That class has all of his friends in it. His homeroom teacher is Mrs. Ghiz. Including him there are 6 boys, they are totally out numbered by 12 girls! I am not sure who did the math on that one! So all and all I think this will be a great year for him!

So the count down started a few weeks ago, but we have 18 days until our vacation! I am very excited! I am pretty sure I will have some way to keep in contact with everyone so I will keep you guys updated while we are gone!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is it time for school yet?

Eight days until school starts... and yes I am counting down! Adam is just so bored with the summer. The boys have not been able to do too much this summer since they are mobile but not too mobile. Next summer will be better for him I think, it will be better for everyone. So 8 days until he starts back to school... my biggest baby is going into 3rd grade.... boy does time fly.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A much needed Vacation

So Kyle announced to me this evening that we are going to the Jersey Coast September 14th-18!!! We might leave late on the 13th and get there early on the 14th. We are renting a car and driving there. He wants to go to Atlantic City and New York City as well while we are there. His brother is stationed at Fort Monmouth in Jersey and it is possible that we can get put in the hotel there, but we won't know for sure yet. I am so excited you guys! I have never been on a real vacation! I will keep everyone updated when I find things out! Has anyone ever been to Point Pleasant? I think that is where we will be going. Any ideas on what to do there?

It has been forever...

It seems since I have blogged here. I have been busy busy busy. Both boys are very mobile, I have been working out, Kyle has been working and working out. Adam is getting ready to go back to school. Kyle is getting ready to go back to school. I am loosing weight and gaining muscle! I am so excited! Kyle and I are doing wonderful. We have had some rocky times, but it has been great. I feel like I did when we first got together again. I love that man with all my heart. I will keep everyone up to date on how things are going here in the next few days. Big changes are coming!!