Saturday, June 27, 2009

Not without Love

Right now currently Jimmy Needham is on repeat on my Ipod. He has a way with words. Amazing way with words. He knows how to praise God for His goodness.

One of my favs, and it hits me everytime:

Not without Love: Benediction
I tried Lord
I tried Lord
I tried hard to be Your good little boy
Chin up, head high
All zeal and no joy
Thinking all my good deeds could please Jesus
Boy, was I wrong
Though I knew the right songs, all my cymbals and gongs played the melodies wrong
And it wasn’t long ‘til I saw my disease
A life spent wanting to please
On hands and knees
To make right, to appease
God help me please
This can’t be Christianity, it can’t be
The whole thing’s like insanity
Where’s the rest of eternal security?
Where’s the hope of a God big enough to cope with all my hang-ups and insecurities?
Certainly this isn’t breathing
My chest burning and heaving
It’s like my pulse is ceasing
Like my heart quits beating
Yet this I recall to mind and therefore I have hope:
You died, Lord
You died, Lord
Assuredly, like the coming of the dawn, the Father’s love song goes on
Drowning out my bitter songs
And breaking through walls and barriers
Christ swoops in, removes sin, picks up His bride and carries her
So I can sing in agreement with the King this thing:
There’s only one thing that pleases the Father
The God-man on the tree in the midst of the scoffers
Now I finally see that Christ is what Christ offers
And I’m finally free in the love of the Father

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Goals

Well seeming as if the first day of summer was on Father's Day... I am a little late on posting this....

Have a yard sale - in which we will get rid of about 3/4 of our house, actually it is all "junk".

Make a compost bin and keep it going until the end of summer and then re-evaluate.

De-clutter the attic - that will also help when we have the yard sale.

Clean basement completely - again yard sale = clean basement.

2 date nights a month for Kyle and I - nothing snazzy, but we need to get out of the house together without doing chores and errands.

2 nights a months for Adam and I just to hang out without Kyle and the boys, and Adam gets to pick what we do.

Tithe every week, big or small.

Keep on track with my chore list.

Spend more quality time with my family.

Cut down drastically on our grocery bill.

Pick a few things I might want to major in.

Be more in my Bible whether it is reading, or listening, or having Bible study.

Take a mini-vaca with the family.

Read 2 new books.

Exercise/walk 2 days a week.

Be more aware of what I am eating and try to eat healthier.

Get my new tattoo with my friend - you know who you are :)

Organize my mothers pictures into albums or boxes.

Get rid/sell her nic nacs, I am not going to use them.

Organize and "move" into the house that we have been living in for way over a year now.

Blog at least once a week on both my blog and the boys blog.

Email/write my Cub@ family twice a week at least.

I will most likely add to this list. This list is probably more than I can handle. That is why they are goals.

When I finish a goal.. I will make a random post and you will see only that goal posted and it will be crossed out.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I knew this day would come...

I was in the dinning room helping Adam with is summer homework, and I heard Nate crying which is normal especially this week he has been super cranky. Then it kind of got quit and then I heard him start screaming again. I went to quietly walk in the living room to look into their bedroom, and I noticed that the box fan that I had put on their dresser was off (now i know I had it on because today I decided to turn off the ac during the days to try and conserve some energy). Well I poke my head further around the corner, and I saw that the fan was unplugged.... well then I thought maybe it fell... nope it was still on the dresser.... that is when I saw the ball fly across the room.... Nate climbed out of his crib tonight when he was supposed to be taking his evening nap. I knew it was only a matter of time. Goodness so now, this weekend we have to go and buy toddler beds.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oi, it has been forever it seems

I am still alive everyone! I have just been busy. Actually that is just my way of saying I have been lazy. To be honest, on April 16th I became basically bedridden for almost a month. I had been battling a migraine that seemed to be the size of Russia. My previous PCP was not doing anything in the way of giving me any kind of relief, other than injecting me with a pain medication that only made me nauseous and dizzy. In turn, that made my migraine even worse. Finally after a little over 2 weeks she decided it time to refer me out to a neurologist. By that time I had decided it time find a new doctor. I am now seeing an amazing doctor whom within the first 5 min, not only asked me for my mother's medical records (since she had a history of migraines and also had a massive brain tumor upon her death), but he also personally made my neurology appointment. My neurologist ordered a mri and a mra scan, and both of those came back normal. SO he put me on two different medications to help dilate the blood vessels in my brain to keep the blood flowing so hopefully I will not run into having the migraines like I did during those gruling weeks. So... there will be more updates to come. I have plenty to tell. But for now, I am headed to bed :)