Sunday, December 30, 2007


So today my big man turns 8!

I am so young yet I feel so old. He had a wonderful birthday, got everything he asked for...
What more could you want?
Next year we plan on having a big birthday party... he hasn't had one yet.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Rising above the noise....

December 28, 2007

As I sit here with a very large headache, the faint crying of the adorable twins, the loud agonizing bark of a retarded dog, and the loud roar of the truck next door..... I smile. I feel his presence here with me. Letting me know that this to will pass. Rising above all of the noise I hear my mother telling me "Take a deep breath Scooter everything will be alright. You know He wouldn't give you anything you couldn't handle." Truly amazing my mother was. It is amazing how you listen to someone more when they are gone than when they were here with you living and breathing. Huh.. that makes me think...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Puke, pee, poop and eyes

December 26, 2007
SO today Nate has thrown up twice and has peed out of his diaper twice... this means we have to move up to size 1 diapers! OH MY! First was micro preemie diapers, preemie, newborn, and now size 1. It almost makes me cry... he is growing up slowly but surely. Poor little Aiden... he truly is a blessing. He had a pretty bad visit with the eye doctor today. The doctor has discovered he has developed a disease called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). Which means that the retinas are not fully developed. Some of his blood vessels in the immature part of his retina have developed abnormally. Right now the doctor said he is in stage 3 moderate. It could need laser treatment so we have to go back on the 4th to see if it has progressed. His type of ROP can lead to retinal detachment and permanent loss of vision that is not treatable by glasses laser or surgery. If it has progressed then they will do laser surgery and stop the growth the blood vessels and then he will have nearsightedness. So if everyone can please lift Aiden up in your prayers. This little man has been through so much and he has beat so many odds. It goes to show how well prayer pays off. Life is a little scrambled right now.. but things always seem to work out.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Strong Tiger and Brave Lion

Lord, thank you. Thank you for these two beautiful gifts you have sent us. You truly are an awesome God, and you really showed up big!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Semi Wordless Wednesday

Our precious little men. Without our great Lord, they would not be here.

Merry Christmas and God bless.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Commence Freak Out Session

So today we were told that our other little man will be coming home early next week. CRAP! SO the dresser, changing table, and other crib that Kyle was painting white to match the other crib... Yeah the paint chips off. So now he is stripping all of the paint off with a little help from Adam. This just royally sucks because I wanted everything to be set up and ready to go for when Aiden got here, and that is just not going to happen. So Kyle has spent 80 bucks on all this stuff to do the painting and it just flakes off. Wasted time and money.

SO... any who, Aiden is coming home early next week and I am very excited! I think I am busy now... You all won't even see me after he gets home unless you come visit me at my house! We are even going to do Christmas here at our house so we don't have to move them anywhere. Nate is surely going to Christmas eves church happenings, but we have not gotten clearance for Aiden to go.

I am a bit tired now, so I think I am going to stop rambling and head to bed....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, December 6, 2007


So now there is a new tattoo show... it is called London Ink. Now that makes 3. L.A. Ink and Miami Ink being the other 2. In watching these shows I listen to the guests who are getting tattoos done, and they explain why they are getting these tattoos and what they represent. The first time I was inked was a spur of the moment thing... a few friends were getting one done and I happened to be there and thought "Hey this is a good idea". Well it being a basement job and not very well thought out that made for a dangerous mix. Then there was someone who was not happy with the fact that I got a tattoo. I was made to start getting a laser treatments to get it removed. OUCH! I have only had one treatment and now it is a faded grayish blue color and not very attractive. Not that it was very attractive to begin with.

I thought when I got it "Oh how cute it is a fairy and she is sitting... I can have her sit on my shoulder." UGH stupid teenager. Ink is supposed to be permanent.

I plan on getting it covered with this a portrait.....

Of my mother. This is very fitting, since she is the one that is really sitting on my shoulder, my guardian angel.

I miss you mom. Yesterday was a pretty hard day. It was 7 years to the day from when you had your aneurysm. That was the day my heart started to drop. My feelings started to go away. When my hatred set in. I became a person I never wanted to be. I was mean to everyone around me, I blamed God. I blamed myself. What if I would of left him like you told me to? Would you of not been so stressed, and possibly not gotten sick? Why did it take me 8 years to realize what he had become? I constantly thought "Did I create this monster? Am I the reason he has so much hatred?".

But, mother if I would of left him years ago, I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't have Kyle, I wouldn't have these two beautiful men, Adam wouldn't be the man he is becoming. I wouldn't have God in my heart. God was the one who made me realize I was not the one who made him a monster, I am not the reason he has so much hatred. The devil is the reason. His lack of faith is the reason. Not me...... not me.