Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Friends and Family

Dear Family and Friends, December 2010

Last year we got busy and did not have time to write a Christmas letter, and oversight for which many of you are undoubtedly thankful. This year, we are making another effort so that you will not become complacent. (Remember, though, that you can always avoid having to read our letter by the simple expedient of moving away.)

The twins have been doing a lot of exploration (destruction) this year. Nathaniel and Aiden celebrated their third birthday in October. Being three years old is a big difference from being two. Three year olds have no sense of future, which means that you don’t have to advertise the event in advance. A three year old has it figured out WAY ahead of time and expects treatment appropriate to his exalted status. The birthday party itself was a wonderful quaint experience for all who came.

Earlier in the year we decided to take an adventure and move away to Florida. As you can see our return address is still in Cincinnati, it is not because we vacation here for the winter, Florida was a bust. Upon realizing the house that was supposed to be flipped professionally, was barely flipped at all. There were little critters that did their best to eat us out of home, and I am not talking about the twins, we were able to correctly identify them as a wood burrowing ant. If you have not had your house inspected, we highly recommend the experience.

Early in the summer we transported ourselves back to Ohio, the best decision we have made all year. After playing musical houses, we settled down in Clifton, near the gaslight district. Our house is tucked away in a little wooded area, and we have plenty of wild life. A white squirrel, some deer, and a cute little skunk, whom we have not formerly meet, thank the stars. Kyle is able to walk to school, Kat’s school is only a 2 minute drive, and Adam is the lucky one with an hour bus ride to and from school. But it is a small price to pay for him, since he was accepted into the college prep school that we were hoping for. The twins have not started pre-school yet, but they will once the New Year begins. With the new found obstacles that we have to face with the boys, we were trying to wait until we were settled in and comfortable again with our new schedules. Kat started working outside of the home at the end of August, while Kyle now goes to school and takes care of the kiddos. Kyle is rounding his last year of school, and Kat has a few years ahead of her. Kyle will become a historian, and Kat will be a sign language interpreter. We believe the twins will become artists, seeming as if they like to try out most every writing utensil on their bedroom walls. We have suggested that perhaps they would rather spend some time on the phone with their broker.

Adam has been spending time with his nose deep in his books, and fingers light on the keyboard playing his computer game (he has advanced to a level seven in DDO, you should be jealous). With the new found love of dragons and mystical things, Adam is on cloud nine with the selection of books at the library, and he is able to relate more to his computer game. While the school work is getting harder, he is getting more and more advanced with each week that goes by. He never ceases to amaze me in the knowledge that he retains.

All of us have decided that in the future when we want to go on an adventure and move again, we will be taking the in-laws, and our beloved Katie with us. It was a lot harder being away from everyone than we thought, May the season bring you a happy heart, and a full cookie jar!

Kyle, Kat, Aiden, Nathaniel, and Adam

I never really had the hang of this...

Blogging thing. I have been so bad at jotting notes down to add to this, heck even to just remember things. But, I am going to do my best to blog more frequently. I have to say, it really doesn't feel like Christmas is this Saturday... I have not been in the spirit at all. Is it because I have not been to church in months? Is it because I am thinking too much about my mom lately? Or could it be that I am secretly wishing I was still in Florida soaking up rays? Maybe it is all of the above and then some. But here it goes.... I am on the horse again, so you get to read my verbal vomit... I know... Oh joy!