Friday, January 29, 2010

Moving along

This is CLearwater, FL. This is about 30 minutes from Tampa, Florida. What does this have to do with us your thinking... well a lot. Our landlord called us last week and said that she wanted to put the house up for sale in the spring. Our lease is up at the end of June. So we have until then to find another place to relocate our family of 5 (8 if you include the dog, turtle and frog). Kyle is ready to find a new college, he is tired of dealing with UC, and he is tired of trying to get his teaching degree here in Cincinnati. I on the other hand am able to get my Interpreter degree no matter where we go. Kyle and I have done a lot of talking and some planning this past week as to where we should relocate. We have fallen on love with Tampa. Kyle really likes Tampa University, and I have even found a college (Hillsborough Community College), and their Interpreter program is a straight up 2 year program (72 credit hours, CS's is 112). We have also done a lot of research on the neighborhoods we would like to live in, the crime rates are low, the real estate values are low, but the houses are beautiful, the schools for the kiddos are great, the deaf community there is awesome. Plus who wouldn't love to be next to the beach! Also, today here it is 17, there it is 72....

It is going to be hard to move away from everyone, but we feel that this is something that we need to do for us. We need to be grown ups, and make grown up decisions. This being some of them. I am also excited that the fact that there is not an established Mommies network there yet... so I can start one as long as my application is approved! Great way for me to network and meet new friends for myself, Kyle and the boys. Finding a new church will be a hard thing to do, but searching and going to a few services at different churches will be nice, and finding the right fit for me will be a good experience. God will guide me to the right church.

I feel really good about this. Kyle and Adam do too. The twins are young enough to where they are not going to care, they are just going to be excited to have a house they can still run around in, and the beach will be a plus for them!

I will keep everyone updated on our journey!