Sunday, September 18, 2011

It just wasn't meant to be

So as I sit down here to write, I can't really find the words that truly describe how I feel about these past couple of months.

We started the process to buy a house back at the very end of July. I have heard horror stories about dealing with the underwriters, and the banks with this process, and how much it stinks. I didn't think it was going to be close to ripping our family apart like trying to buy a house last year did. It became all to clear to me what needed to be important in our lives, and if that meant having one another in a small, tiny, itty bitty house, then that is ok with me. I have been getting some great ideas from people who truly live in tiny houses. We were all packed up and ready to move when I had called it quits on the 8th of this month. We have been slowly unpacking since then. It just hurts to know you put your all into something, and then you have to back out because your loan officer can not fulfill their word. So, we are signing a new lease here, but only for months. In April, we will start looking for a larger house to rent, and plan on staying there for a good while.

We are going through boxes, getting rid of the things that we don't need/want. Selling what we can, but also donating what doesn't sell. It is hard for me, especially when I go through clothes to not want to save everything. I look at it and say, I can re-purpose that, or ohh, it would look great as a fruit/veggie bag. So I am being careful on what I keep. We are trying to live a little more simply. We will see how it goes.