Monday, April 13, 2009

Resurrection Sunday

So today (yesterday), was Easter Sunday. The day that we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This is what Wikipedia says the Easter Bunny is all about: "The Easter Bunny (or Easter Hare) is a mythical character depicted as an anthropomorphic rabbit. In legend, the creature brings baskets filled with colored eggs, candy and toys to the homes of children on the night before Easter. The Easter Bunny will either put the baskets in a designated place or hide them somewhere in the house for the children to find when they wake up in the morning. The Easter Bunny is very similar in trait to its Christmas holiday counterpart, Santa Claus, as they both bring gifts to good children on the night before their respective holiday." It was the ancient Roman Catholic church that mixed the celebration of Jesus' resurrection by celebrating spring fertility rituals, which is where the bunnies, chicks, and eggs come from. They did this to make Christianity more attractive to non-Christians.

It bothers me to read that. "They bring good gifts to good children on the night before their respective holiday." The boys grammie brought them baskets for Easter. Yes we did an egg hunt at my Uncle Fred's house. I think that these things are important for traditions, but my children and I will always know what Easter is really about. Jesus rose from the dead because he died for us on that magnificent cross so that we are promised an eternal life in Heaven if we accept Jesus as our Savior. If you haven't you should take some time and read 1 Corinthians 15. Verse 58 is a verse that I will repeat in my head until I go Home with my Father.

You can see the boys pictures from today on their blog

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mi hermano y hermana <3

Iradies and Liliana are two of the most beautiful, spiritual, loving people I have "met". You might be wondering why met is in quotations... well I have not met them in person yet. I get to finally meet them in July! We correspond often, and every time I get a new letter I get so excited and I get an overwhelming warm feeling, that feeling is the passion and love that we share for our Father.

Te amo mi hermano y hermana!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

{God's Blogs}

I am adoring this book. I am almost done, and I have only set down twice in the past two days to read it (and you all know how busy my life is!).
With just finishing Reset, this book is a great continuance on that journey for me. It has reminded me that God truly wants us to know that He is our Daddy, and he cares about every aspect of our lives. Some of the "thoughts" that were written in the fiction blog were so funny I would laugh out loud for a few minutes after I read them. I can see God talking this way, to me, to you, to everyone He encounters. He is just as real as you and I are. Just because the old Bibles use the fancy words, doesn't mean we have to. God wants us to come as we are. Broken, tattooed, pierced, loved, scared, and humbled.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I am a sheep

Yes, you might feel like "something" or "someone" is pushing religion or Christianity on you. It's because there is. God is always guiding you, talking to you, and bringing you to decision making points of your life. Whether or not you chose to have the "personal" relationship with your Father or not, the guiding, the whispering in your ears, and directing is still going to happen. He is bringing you to that place where you can decide whether or not you are going to accept or reject what he has been whispering in your ears. I understand that the whispering at times can sound like screaming, but it is because He wants you to truly hear Him not just bypass Him like usual. I bet you hear Him more when your with me because I have chosen to try and surround myself with Him. But you could also be hearing Him from many other people, places, and even signs. God is like a t.v. station. If you don't tune in to that particular station, you won't be able to know what He is saying to you, it will just be static and a black and white screen.

John 10:27 - My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me.

You need to learn to distinguish what you are hearing. You know what you are hearing, you are just afraid to hear it, you’re ignoring it. I pray that you can finally hear Him. I pray that you can follow Him. I pray that you understand that He is not just a man made deity. I pray that you can understand that this is me, coming as I am, a sheep. That will never change.

Mark Harris - One True God
From the album Windows And Walls

I don't have a God I can put on a stand
Or a God I hold in the palm of my hand
I have a God that's holding me
And I don't have a God that I can create
In the place I live with the money I make
I have a God, He made everything
So I don't need a temporary man made deity
When I got the real thing
I got the real thing

He's the Lord of all the earth
The maker of all things
He alone is the one true God
Kingdoms rise and fall
But even through it all
He remains
The one true God

I don't have a thing that I got on my own
I don't have a care that I carry alone
But I have a God who's carrying me
I don't have sin that He doesn't forgive
And I don't have a heart that is worthy of His
But I have a God who still loves me
So I don't need a temporary man made deity
When I got the real thing
I got the real thing

Who is this King of Glory
The Lord strong and mighty
Who is this King of Glory
The Lord strong and mighty
Who is this King of Glory
Who is this King of Glory