Wednesday, December 31, 2008

There is always something...

Today I took the boys and myself to the doctors (more about the boys on their blog). Well the past 4-5 days I have felt really crummy. My stomach has not felt right, I have been coughing a little more than normal, and I have had a really bad ache over and behind my right eye. Well on Sunday I had asked Jen (Ferferchapin) while she was over here, if she felt something on my right side a little below my rib. She said she did, like it was a little knot. It hurt a little and when I would touch it it would hurt even more. I chalked it up to not sleeping on that right or something. Well once the diarrhea started, and lasted 3 days... and counting and Imodium wasn't working, I knew something was up.
So I went in to the doc, my doc wasn't in... glad she wasn't she probably thinks I am a nut case as much as I go in there! But the doc that saw me was super nice and went over all my concerns, and when I mentioned the "knot" she looked a bit puzzled and had me lay back to look at it. The doctor took a look/feel and the spot is right where my liver is at and my liver is 2-3 times the normal size it should be. She asked if I drank a lot. I said no I am an occasional drinker maybe one drink once a month type of gal. She said it seemed like I had been drinking for almost 20 years (obviously not I would of started when I was 7). So she had the nurse take some labs, and we should hear something back no later than Friday. She said it could be a number of things... but we will talk more once the labs come in. I of course started to freak out because when they told my mother something was wrong with her liver, she was diagnosed with liver cancer.
She did say that I have the rotavirus. I need to keep hydrated and such. So prayers please, if you don't believe in prayers... send good thoughts my way please. I will keep everyone updated.