Monday, February 8, 2010

Movin on up.

So the dates have been moved up.... We are going down next week to look for houses. We are going from Feb 18-23. Oh will I be happy with 60 degree weather instead of 20 degree weather for that week! We really feel like we are being pushed out of this house. We have packed up everything that we need to pack up, other than what we need to live on. Can you tell that we are ready to go? I don't like the fact that we are having people waltz through our home, leaving snow and salt marks on the floors... I mop before they come so it looks nice, and for what? So they can track stuff all over them right afterward? GRRRR. We are just going to get a house that needs work. Kyle wants a house he can tinker on, do what we want to with it. Fix up the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and make it ours. So.... Sunny Florida here we come!