Monday, February 25, 2008

Screaming screaming screaming

So the boys have not stopped screaming at us since last night. They are currently laying upstairs in their crib that they never lay in anymore, screaming their little heads off. Kyle fed them at 4, they woke up at 5 screaming bloody murder. I fed them at 7, still they felt the need to scream. I refuse to feed them until 10, I am staying on a schedule. I put them upstairs so it doesn't seem like they are screaming in my ear. Now if they fall asleep... I am not sure if I should wake them up to feed them at 10, or let them sleep. Wow, that is a hard decision.

If you notice Aiden is showing us his big boy skills by holding not only his head up, but his chest as well. Nathaniel is just being a stinker playing the I want my pacifier, but I am going to try to throw it at you once you look away!


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Oh, honey, those are such rotten days. If they fall asleep, LET THEM SLEEP!!!!!! JMHO

rednk-n-eurp said...

I hope they stop screaming soon, I remember those times....and that was just with one baby, I can't imagine two!
They look adorable btw

Tracy said...

NEVER NEVER wake a sleeping baby!!!! Hope they finally settled down!!!