Friday, July 11, 2008

Cincinnati Mommies!

I have met some of the best gals in my mommies group! Btw if you are in the Cincinnati area you need to check us out! If you are outside of the Cincinnati area take a look on and see if there is one in your area! I think that this group of gals are the best! I have learned, laughed, cried and laughed some more with these gals. Here are some pictures of the grill out I had here last Sunday and some of the mommies came!

This is Beth and I, she is our Site Administrator. Her husband is hilarious and she has a son who is 7 (who has become Adam's BFF), a daughter who is 5, and B/G twins who are 3! This girl helps keep me sane on most days!

This is Mary, she is in my East Central Group, what's awesome is she lives right up the road from me! Mary has a loving husband and has a son who is 3.

And this is Holly. She is my partner in crime! She is my Assistant Moderator for our East Central Group. Holly has a wonderful husband, a son who is almost 2 and she is due with son number two in August!