Friday, December 14, 2007

Commence Freak Out Session

So today we were told that our other little man will be coming home early next week. CRAP! SO the dresser, changing table, and other crib that Kyle was painting white to match the other crib... Yeah the paint chips off. So now he is stripping all of the paint off with a little help from Adam. This just royally sucks because I wanted everything to be set up and ready to go for when Aiden got here, and that is just not going to happen. So Kyle has spent 80 bucks on all this stuff to do the painting and it just flakes off. Wasted time and money.

SO... any who, Aiden is coming home early next week and I am very excited! I think I am busy now... You all won't even see me after he gets home unless you come visit me at my house! We are even going to do Christmas here at our house so we don't have to move them anywhere. Nate is surely going to Christmas eves church happenings, but we have not gotten clearance for Aiden to go.

I am a bit tired now, so I think I am going to stop rambling and head to bed....