Saturday, March 8, 2008

A visit with Robin

So a few of you know that my mother's best friend was Robin Wise. I grew up with her always around. She has a son named Charlie and a daughter named Megan. They both have grown up, well lets say they are old enough to be adults. Neither one of them has a job, Charlie didn't finish High School, and Megan barely did. Well it pains me to see this, but it is not my problem, they won't listen to me. Anyways, the whole point of this post is to talk about Robin. She is an amazing woman! She is a wonderful mother, great wife, and a wonderful friend. Everyone who knows Robin, knows that she walks everywhere that she can. She is an over weight woman, but she doesn't let that stop her. On Sept 15, 2007 Robin was walking to work from her Norwood home like she did every morning. She worked in Rookwood so it was close to her house and it was good exercise for her. Well while crossing a street she was struck by a "red truck" she said. It threw her mangled body to the side of the road where she laid dying. Eventually someone was stopped at the light and her a small cry for help. It was Robin. When the EMS team got there, they worked on her for over an hour, and almost lost her 3 times. Not giving up they brought her back and rushed her to US hospital where she laid in a coma for a week. She had broken both of her hips, and shattered her pelvis. Both legs were broken as well as her arm. All most all of her toes were broken and they had said she would probably not make it. Multiple surgeries were preformed, amounting over 12. Drainage tubes placed all over her body because the fat and skin had separated from the muscle creating a cavity that filled with blood and infection. Her prognosis was not good. She had a trach placed to help her breath. Both lungs collapsed twice, things didn't seem like they were ever going to let up. After fighting and fighting she started to get better. After five months in the hospital, Robin has now been home for 2 weeks and couldn't be happier. She called me early last week and left me a message telling me to call her as soon as I could she was home! I called her on Wednesday afternoon and made plans to go see her on Thursday. She told me she just wanted to come home so she could see the boys. She had seen pictures while she was in the hospital, but that was not enough. During our visit, she said she wished I was her daughter and that the twins were the closest she was ever going to come to having grandchildren. Megan has not really been there for her, and neither has Charlie. I told her I was here for her as much as I can be. I truly love this woman. When my mother was in need when I was little, she took us in. She helped my mother tread water while she tried to raise me as a single parent. She had a lot to do with my up-bringing. So here they are, the pictures from that day. 3 miracles that were told by the doctors that they would not make it. God sent miracles.


erin richardson said...

That is too cute. I'm so glad that Robin's doing better. AND she got to see your superadorable little muffins.

Yes. I called them muffins.

It can't be helped.