Saturday, April 5, 2008

Loosing weight?

Loosing weight? No I am not. I am gaining it. Why? Because I am lazy. Ever since I have been on bed rest with the boys I have stayed in that "you have to be resting" mode. That is bologna. I really need to do something about this "extra weight" I am caring. I honestly have no excuse! I only gained 4 lbs, 4LBS with the boys. I lost a almost 20 lbs after I had them, and I have gained 30 back. So not only am I back to my pre-pregnancy weight I am 20 lbs over it! So this is my goal. After we get moved (which we are moving on Monday) I plan on walking/jogging in the AM or PM (depending on Kyle's schedule) 3-4 times a week. The whole house is going to start eating healthier! We all need it. Poor Adam has been on a diet for 3 months now because he had gained too much weight in the last year, and now he is in soccer. Kyle has gained weight ( I say it is sympathy weight). But everyone in the house overall needs to be healthier. So does anyone have any tips? My mom friends who have twins or more... any tips??? I will keep everyone updated on progress. I am going to go get a scale today. We will see how this all works out.


Tracy said...

Plan your menu every week...bfast, lunch, dinner and snacks..not only does it keep you on track but it makes it easier to shop and cook! Don't buy so much junk...but by something "bad"...I buy kroger brand cheetos for my kids...once they are more for two weeks...(they are smaller bags than the namebrand and cheaper!!)