Thursday, April 24, 2008

Frugal Friday (a few hours early)

Voracious readers like yours truly find in an easy way to weed out the dogs in your book collection, get them out of the house, and get new (used) free books in the mail!

I learned about this site from another stay at home mom like myself. Here's what you do:

1. Weed out the books you no longer want, from your book collection.
2. Enter the ISBNs into, after opening an account.
3. When you get requests for the books you've posted, the site lets you print out a pre-formatted mailing label with the recipient's name and address.
4. For a small book, you can wrap this label around the book, tape it and mail it. For a larger book, pop it in a manila envelope or bubble envelope and tape the label on the front.
5. You get credits for free books after you post your initial batch, and you get more credits for each book received by your requestors. Over 2 million titles are available for you to request. I requested, and got, one really obscure book from the site--their catalog is deep.
6. Mail the books others requested from you. That's it! You free up space on your shelves for good stuff, and you get good stuff free.

This is a sustainable way to use a preexisting delivery service (the P.O.) to distribute books cluttering your house to people who want them, while replacing the unwanteds with books you crave! Best of all, the site is free to participate in! Yay!

Copy and paste the link below and after you sign up and post books, I will get credit as well. And you can spread the word to your friends copy the same link I have posted here, but insert your email address at the end instead of mine <3


Jo said...

nice to know i am not the only one with a shit for a guy ex! Your twins are cute! congrats, i have a 9 month old we should have a baby playdate!

erin richardson said...

missing your posts .... hope today's going well, my fine feathered friend!