Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back pain update

So my lower lumbar back pain has not gotten any better in the last few weeks. I had went to my ob/gyn thinking that it might be my sciatic nerve. He said that it has been 13 months+ since I had the boys and since I only carried them for 7 months my back pain should not be that bad now, it should be minimal. I have shooting pains that go deep into my spine and by 8-9pm if I have done too many errands or if I have played to hard with the kids, I need to be in bed on the heating pad like a 50 - 60 year old woman! Insanity! So he said for me to talk to my normal physician and see what she thinks and to go from there. So I called her to re schedule my appointment and make it earlier in the month, so my appointment was Friday. She was pretty concerned that a 26 year old woman is having this many problems with her back already. So I have orders for an MRI and an X-ray. I told her I didn't want any more "pills" to take, because it would only mask this problem and add to my growing pharmacy on my night stand. So she gave me some samples of a patch called Lidocane. Nope it didn't work. So here I sit back to my heating pad with my hot tea. I have been on it all day trying to get my work done here on the computer for my mommies board. So hopefully the tests will give the doctor some answers. I have so much pressure in my back, it feels like my vertebrae are rubbing together in and out and twisting around the wrong way. It is so hard to explain, but I can say that it is not at all pleasant. So prayers would be great...