Monday, February 23, 2009

Mis familias en CubA

Yes, I have family in Cub@.
Roberto y Osmary, with their sons Dayan y Daniel.

I don't get to hear form them as often as I used to. But they are still mi familia.
Mi nueva familia en (my new family in) Cub@ es Liliana y Iraides, and their sons Iraidito y Alain Josue.

I get very emotional when I talk about my families in Cub@. They mean so much to me, even though I have not met them in person yet. There are no words to describe how strong our connection is even though we only talk through email and occasionally through a precious handwritten letter. We exchange pictures every so often, and I have sent a video to Roberto y Osmary once, and I received one back. I love watching that video. Their words are so kind, and filled with love.

This summer, I get to go to Cub@. I get to meet mis familias. But this has brought on so much anxiety, so much fear. I have no idea how to speak Spanish. I took 4 years of Spanish in High school. But one of those years doesn't really count since I failed, yes I failed Spanish 2 my sophmore year, and I had to retake it my junior year along with Spanish 3. Do I remember any of this beautiful language? Nope.. the only things I remember are simple colors, numbers, some foods, etc. Not to mention in the classes that I passed, I recieved a C- in Spanish 1, C+ in Spanish 2 (the 2nd time I had to take it), and then a D in Spanish 3. So this worries me. The words, I can so the words but when you through in irregular verbs, regular verbs, definite and indefinite articles etc... boy forget it. I know that we will have plenty of interpreter's and I will have my church family with me as well but I get overwhelemed with the thought of somehow I will not understand anything that anyone is saying. It has already happened to me here while meeting other people from different counteries at a friends house. It is a scary thing. So hopefully with the help of my therapist, and even more so God I can get through this.


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