Sunday, May 4, 2008

The start of something good

So today we put up our clothesline.... Not sure how well this is going to work out at my house. I am lazy. In order to line dry you have to wait for stuff to dry... and well that means I have to be on top of laundry. We will see how this works. So as of today our dryer.. is retired.

For breakfast I had fruit and a garden omelet with a water. Well I skipped lunch because I was napping.... not too sure why I needed a nap, but my body told me I did. Dinner will consist of Lemon pepper chicken breasts, spinach, and plain baked potatoes.

Weight: 147.5 (with jeans, 2 shirts, underwear, and bra.)
BMI: 30%
Water: 47%
Waist: 33.5
Hips: 39.5

I am not going to put my goals here since I am afraid that will intimidate me more.


Tracy said...

Once you get into the habit of doing your laundry and line will wonder what took you so long to do it this way!! No more ironing...fold everything right off the line and put into appropriate baskets (one for the babies, one for Adam and one for you guys) Hang those things that go on hangers....

Great start on your lifestyle change in your diet!! Sounds very healthy! Try Pipkins for fresh veggies and fruits...