Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Goals

Well seeming as if the first day of summer was on Father's Day... I am a little late on posting this....

Have a yard sale - in which we will get rid of about 3/4 of our house, actually it is all "junk".

Make a compost bin and keep it going until the end of summer and then re-evaluate.

De-clutter the attic - that will also help when we have the yard sale.

Clean basement completely - again yard sale = clean basement.

2 date nights a month for Kyle and I - nothing snazzy, but we need to get out of the house together without doing chores and errands.

2 nights a months for Adam and I just to hang out without Kyle and the boys, and Adam gets to pick what we do.

Tithe every week, big or small.

Keep on track with my chore list.

Spend more quality time with my family.

Cut down drastically on our grocery bill.

Pick a few things I might want to major in.

Be more in my Bible whether it is reading, or listening, or having Bible study.

Take a mini-vaca with the family.

Read 2 new books.

Exercise/walk 2 days a week.

Be more aware of what I am eating and try to eat healthier.

Get my new tattoo with my friend - you know who you are :)

Organize my mothers pictures into albums or boxes.

Get rid/sell her nic nacs, I am not going to use them.

Organize and "move" into the house that we have been living in for way over a year now.

Blog at least once a week on both my blog and the boys blog.

Email/write my Cub@ family twice a week at least.

I will most likely add to this list. This list is probably more than I can handle. That is why they are goals.

When I finish a goal.. I will make a random post and you will see only that goal posted and it will be crossed out.