Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oi, it has been forever it seems

I am still alive everyone! I have just been busy. Actually that is just my way of saying I have been lazy. To be honest, on April 16th I became basically bedridden for almost a month. I had been battling a migraine that seemed to be the size of Russia. My previous PCP was not doing anything in the way of giving me any kind of relief, other than injecting me with a pain medication that only made me nauseous and dizzy. In turn, that made my migraine even worse. Finally after a little over 2 weeks she decided it time to refer me out to a neurologist. By that time I had decided it time find a new doctor. I am now seeing an amazing doctor whom within the first 5 min, not only asked me for my mother's medical records (since she had a history of migraines and also had a massive brain tumor upon her death), but he also personally made my neurology appointment. My neurologist ordered a mri and a mra scan, and both of those came back normal. SO he put me on two different medications to help dilate the blood vessels in my brain to keep the blood flowing so hopefully I will not run into having the migraines like I did during those gruling weeks. So... there will be more updates to come. I have plenty to tell. But for now, I am headed to bed :)


taysmommy said...

Good to see a post from you hun :)

Glad you found a good doc to take care of those migraines!