Thursday, June 5, 2008

Frugal Beautiful Kitten & Family

So as of yesterday our dryer has been retired for a month. We did have to break him out twice though :( Once for a bra that I had to wear that same day, and the other was yesterday. I had already filled the lines we had up, but still had our whites in the washer. Bad planning on my part. But Kyle and I had already talked about putting up more line just for this reason. So in the storm I went out and grabbed more line, and more clothes pins. But DUH I didn't have any hooks! I was not about to go back out so we just threw the stuff in the dryer. We did break down on Monday and turned on our AC, but it has been set on 76, and it is nice and cool in here so we will see how well it does in the up coming weeks.

Adam and I have a wedding we are attending on Saturday. If you can follow, it is Leonard's step mom's daughter's wedding. So Leonard's step sister's wedding. I am still pretty close with his dad's side of the family and since Kyle can not get off that night, Adam will be going. Which is great because then he gets to see his only grandpa and the rest of that side of the family.

Speaking of family, my Aunt Brenda from Tennessee will be up this Saturday as well. So before noon we will be going down to my Uncle Fred's house to visit and she can meet Kyle and the boys. She is going to a wedding anniversary for some one in the extended family and she will also be taking my grandma's ashes back home with her. Yep, we are playing pass the Grandma :)

HA! Speaking of passing... how about how time is passing us by? The boys are 8 months old today! Pretty soon we will be celebrating their first birthday! Tomorrow the early intervention lady will be coming to the house to their final evaluation and to have me finish up some paperwork that way we can get things started. I am pretty excited in how well they are doing, but they are no where near where they are supposed to be. On every exciting thing is today Aiden started mocking us when we say dada. He says it very very loud and with such enthusiasm even though he has no idea what he is saying lol. I will leave you with a picture <3

Can you guess who is who?


erin richardson said...

Sounds like you're doing good. I've got no clotheslines up, so it's ALL dryer for me. :-)

and let's see... Nate on the left, Aiden on the right.

Tracy said...

Great job on the line drying!!! I love it...unfortunately with the cicada overload here in blue ash I have had to hang all the laundry inside!! Barry won't allow me to hang his the whites get dryer dried...otherwise our dryer is very lonely!!