Sunday, November 1, 2009

Going green take 1

So I have decided to take it upon myself to lighten the carbon footprint that my family is leaving. I have a list that I am starting, to improve our footprint... to make it slowly fade... I hope.

The biggest thing this weekend was cloth napkins. DH wasn't too sure about how I was going to keep up on it, but I am willing to give it 110%!

No soda. No soda for me at least, which means that I will not be omitting Co2 from all of the soda I would normally be drinking.

Hanging em up to dry! I have retired my dryer again, and boy is he happy! He will only be put to use when something needs fluffed, and that will be a rare occasion.

Turning off the lights when we leave the room, and making sure that the appliances are un-plugged if they are not being used, or they are on energy save.

I have put a bottle filled with water with some rocks in the bottom of the bottle, in the tank to my toilet to help conserve the water. It will help us save about 10 gallons a day in water just by me putting that bottle there.

Instead of driving over to get DH's coffee in the morning, I will be walking. The same with going over to Walgreens for anything that is needed, which is two blocks away.

My recycling has gone WAY up. I usually skimp, and if I get lazy and I don't want to wash out the can of soup or milk jug, I just toss it. Instead I am leaving it in the sink, and I do it when I do the dishes.

I have been using cold water in my wash instead of warm or hot water, and making sure that I always have a whole load of laundry to do instead of just 3/4 of a load.

No more plastic water bottles are going to be purchased for our household. We have quite a few reusable water containers, and those will be used, unless the older boys want to reuse their precious plastic water bottles.

No more, "Paper or Plastic?" I am sticking to using my bags. I paid for them, why not use them! If for what ever reason I have purchased so much at the store that day and I can not for everything into my 10 bags, well then I will use paper, since I can recycle them.

My next stop... I am looking for some mesh bags to put my fruits and veggies in to transfer from store to home, instead of using the plastic bags at the store... Any ideas on which website to start at?