Sunday, November 8, 2009

Going Green take 2

This past week has been a hit! I have been soda free! The rest of the house... well that will be a big step when they decide to join me on that wonderful part of this journey.

We have been using cloth napkins at dinner time. I have not had to replace the paper towel roll at all his past week, and it is only half gone, so that makes me happy.

I can honestly say that I LOVE to hang dry my clothes! It keeps me on my toes with my laundry! I have to plan the laundry out. I have to make sure I keep up on it, because it is not like I can just throw a load in the wash and then just dry it really quick (well I can, but I am choosing not to use the dryer, he is retired again).

Lights have been out! Everyone has been doing their part to make sure that the lights are turned off when they leave the room, or if we are eating dinner, the tv is off. It is nice.

As for driving... well there has not been much of that going on for me since my van is almost on it's way to the morgue unless my dear husband can figure what is going on with my engine. His Subaru is once again in his garage and being worked on until late hours of the night. The Jeep... well... it is "working".

Everyone is very much so doing their part to recycle like it's nobody's business!

Cold water is being used for washing, I am even thinking of making my own dishwashing liquid... but that is a whole new post!

I have not found the mesh bags for our veggies... so I am still on the hunt... I have found a few web-sites, but they are so pricey. So the ones we have had to use from the grocery, we are using to throw diapers away in.

So, so far so good! I am proud of myself, and my family! Carbon footprint, eat our dust!


Michelle said...

You can always reuse the plastic ones at the grocery, or take them back into the store and drop them off in their bag recycling bin. :)

Sunny said...

Congratulations! That is a lot to accomplish in one week. I have been thinking about making my own dish soap, too- have you found any good recipes?