Thursday, January 3, 2008

First 3 a.m. shift . . .

So we are trying this new shift thing out. Once Kyle gets home from work, or on the days he doesn't work, I am going to bed around 10 p.m. He will then wake me up at 3 a.m. and I will take over while he sleeps. I can catch some shut eye while down here on the couch since the boys usually fall back to sleep for a bit after their 3 a.m. feeding. So far it seems to be ok with me.... ask me in a week how it is working though. We plan on giving it a full weeks course before we make any decision on if this is going to work for us or not. It is nice though, it is just me and the little men this early in the a.m. I am able to catch up on my emails, blog, and fold laundry! Which was in deed something that I have been putting off since Tuesday. This also gives me time to get my yoga in! I don't like doing yoga when Kyle or Adam are up. That is my time. Plus I don't want to be made fun of.

We had or first outing as a family yesterday... Yeah it was all peachy until we were about to leave Meijers.... Kyle had purchased a new propane tank (because he loves me and I have been craving ribs, and the only real way to have ribs is on the grill don't you know?) and he had to wait for the attendant to get the new tank and then I was supposed to meet him at the front doors so he could get the old tank out and get the new tank and then we could go home. Well while Adam was trying to get in the car (mind you I have a very small backseat space, and with both of the boys car seats being in there it makes it even smaller) he accidentally hit Aiden's car seat lap belt release thing.... and his car seat base went side ways. Oh wow. I flipped my lid and I feel so horrible about it. I had both Nate and Aiden in my arms (in their car seats) and now I have a car seat base undone and Kyle still in the store waiting for the new propane tank. I went around the car to put Nathaniel in his spot. (Yes they have spots.... I am weird. But in case of a car accident I will know who is on what side and if God forbid something would happen I would be able to tell whom ever what baby is on what side, call me paranoid... but I feel better them being on their own sides!) So ok, I put Nathaniel in his spot and then I went back around to the passenger side of the car, put Aiden's car seat in the front seat so I could use both of my hands... let me tell you people were looking at me crazy when I put that car seat up front. Like I was going to leave him there! So I told Adam to get out of the car so I could fix Aiden's seat. Now when we had the car seats put in, Children's Hospital installed Nathaniel's seat and Sycamore Township Fire Department installed Aiden's to make sure that they were properly installed. So I kinda freaked. What if I don't put it in correctly and we crash? I know I am irrational. But I am a new mother of two precious God sent gifts that if it was my fault of the car seat base not being installed properly and something were to happen I could NEVER live with myself after that. So Adam proceeded to get out of the car and he wasn't being the fastest so I kind of got a little snippy and asked him to move it along. He got out, completely undid the base and then started putting it back in... Commence twin crying. Yes they really do help each other cry. I continued to re install the base, thought I was finished told Adam to get in so he did. Then as he was buckling I was watching him to make sure he didn't unhook the base again, thats when I noticed that I didn't put the slack of the seat belt through the base again, so if I were to try and put the actual car seat in, it wouldn't go because tha seat belt that goes up to the roof of the car was in the way! OH MY GOODNESS. So I yelled at Adam to get out of the car. Why did I yell? It wasn't his fault that I didn't install the seat properly. I am not sure I was still freaking out. My hands were so cold that a few of my knuckles had started to bleed because of them being dry and from trying to fit the base in I had hit my hands a few times too many. Adam then got out of the car and I started to re-reinstall the car seat base. Then Nathaniel got dramatic... stopping a little in between not catching breaths. Then Aiden did the same thing. Then it got quite on Nathaniel's side of the car... so I ran literally ran to the drivers side of the car opened up the door and saw Nathaniel with his mouth wide open in mid cry not breathing. His face started to turn very red... then slightly blue. I said a few choice words and started crying. I couldn't unhook his car seat from the base for some dumb reason so I did what they told me in the hospital, I blew lightly on his face.... he started breathing screaming but breathing! Thank God. But then I noticed that it was deafeningly quite in the front seat all of a sudden. Frantically I ran to the passenger side and threw open the door hit the cart corral with the door, and then saw that Aiden as well was turning blue. I did the same thing I did to Nathaniel.... But it was not working. I was now crying so much it was hard for me to breath. I was yelling at Adam to help me, but how could he help me? I went to reach for my phone but then remembered that Kyle had left his phone at the house so it would do no good to call him. What was taking him so damn long in the store? It was a simple propane exchange! Then as I was reaching in the car seat to grab Aiden out, he let out a few small gasps of air... then screamed louder than I have ever heard him scream. Music to my ears! Then it went to a whimper... and he was done. Just like that. Nathaniel was as quite as a mouse.. no peeps form him anymore. Mean while poor Adam is standing there like a deer in head lights. He had no idea what to do. I finished re-reinstalling the base told Adam to get in, locked Aiden into place and started walking over to my side of the car. I went to open my door and thats when Kyle walked up empty handed. They didn't have any propane. LOL W O W. He asked what was wrong, I briefly told him. Then I said for your sanity and mine you should hand me a piece of chocolate from that bag your holding. The car ride home was spent with me profusely apologizing to Adam eating a chocolate and praying to God that my boys forget how evil I was during the whole ordeal.


Erin said...

Sweetheart, you're not evil. Under a lot of stress? Yes. Sleep-deprived? Also yes. Should you have yelled at Adam like that? No, that's probably not a good plan, but that just means that you can do better next time. And I'm pretty sure I'd have WAY lost my cool, too, with all that going on. I love you, Kathy. Hope this shift thing works out for you. Sleep might help ... (I know, sleep, what a joke)

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Wow! Welcome to being of multiple kids! Hang in their kiddo! and don't worry about what strangers think. It's your life and they have NO idea what you are dealing with. what happened to the days of when someone saw someone else under distress that they actually helped???? HUGS