Thursday, January 17, 2008

You know.... I really love my friend Erin <3

This is my dear friend Erin. I love her to death... here are a few reasons that made me love her more lately....

Well, I noticed when she did my dishes (Yes she did my dishes! That is reason number one out of 1,986,136,236 reasons I love her) she wasn't letting my water run while she was scrubbing my dishes. She just simply set them in the other sink (we have a double sink) and then all at once she rinsed them. DUH Why have I not done this all the years of doing my own dishes? I could of saved us so much mula! Erin, thank you!

This is another reason I love her. She brought us some sassafras tea last week. I so forgot how much I love tea. Well today was kind of a drab day and Kyle skipped classes, and we have both been having sore throats lately and he got down our dusty tea kettle and boiled water and made the both of us tea <3 Mint Magic mmmmmm lovely!

I found this wonderful stuff at Walgreens while I was waiting for my prescriptions to be filled. Can I say WOW! Love in a bag, it truly is love in a bag.

Back to Erin, she is so wonderful! She gives me sanity and loves my family and I for us, not who some people want us to be. I love you Erin!


Erin said...

You're gonna make me blush... You leave the water running when you're doing dishes? I've never thought about doing it like that. Huh. I'm glad you love me ... I love you, too!