Monday, January 7, 2008

When will I make time for

Reading. I miss reading. So the last few nights when my "shift" is up, I have been going up stairs and reading when I should be sleeping. But I looked at my list of books to read ( the public library's website has a nifty idea to where you can keep a list of books you want to read and then order them at your leisure) and I realized how long my list really is! But when I have down time I honestly want to just sleep. Sleep that's all I want. I feel bad when Kyle comes home from work and I rush literally rush upstairs so I can go to bed in peace. God love my little guys but it is hard not to rip out my hair today for some reason. But now, they are sleeping peacefully in their boppys and what am I doing? Emailnig and blogging. Lame.


Erin said...

Eh. You'll have time to read later, you know, when you're maybe a little less sleep-deprived. If we had twins rocking the house, I don't think I'd feel guilty AT ALL about wanting to sleep as soon as Keith got home. Emailing and blogging aren't lame. THEY'RE CONNECTING WITH THE OUTSIDE WORLD! WE STILL EXIST! HANG ON, GIRL, I'M A-COMING!