Thursday, May 22, 2008



One day Kyle stumbled upon this link to a site called and said that he had read over it and thought I should check it out as soon as I can. So being a good Wife in training I did. When you sign up on this site, you enter your blog for approval and once it is approved, you look at opportunities for things to write about within your payperpost profile. If you qualify for an opportunity, you simply write about the requirements on your blog and review the site that you qualified for. Pretty easy! You know the best part? You get paid for it! You heard me right, you get paid for each blog that you post. This is only my second posting for this website, but I have already earned $25.00. You know what $25.00 can get a girl like me? Diapers! Amongst diapers and baby things, I plan on using the money I earn for things for myself. This is a great, simple and fun way for me to earn money for myself doing what I like to do, here in my own home. Blog! The greatest thing about this site is you get to pick the things you want to write about. You pick the categories you are willing to blog about and then you check out the site and blog about it. You might be thinking that this is too easy, well it is! But it is real, and yes this is Kat writing, not some robot. Don't giggle I am not a robot. As I said check it out! This is something nice to do even if you work outside the home. But stay at home moms you really need to check it out! That down time that you have that you are using for blogging anyway, put your fingers to the keys and have at it!


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(Blogging)It's really a cool idea to come up with your ideas n creative thoughts and all that.Keep going !
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snelson's said...

dude! i totally signed up for it!!!!!!