Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weightloss update and Frugal update

So on May 4th I started a blogging adventure... and I have not updated, so here ya go!

Our dryer is still retired! We purchased a dehumidifier finally and put it in it's place right next to our retired dryer. We have not run out of clothing like I was afraid of. I was worried that I would get lazy and forget to do laundry or not hang it up in time for it to dry long enough. But so far so good. I am not doing so well in the getting up off my rump part though. I am making a daily shore list for myself. People are like you have too much on your hands, you need to pace yourself. No I don't. You guys honestly have no idea how much free time I honestly have. There you go, I am admitting it. I sit on my arse 75% of the day. Whether it is sitting on the computer or watching t.v., there my butt is sitting. I wait until the last minute to do EVERYTHING. So it struck me today when I was updating Adam's chore list. I put on the top of it in bold large letters

These chores are to be done BEFORE you go outside or play indoors UNLESS it is an end of the day chore. All chores will be done everyday, even if you are late getting to bed UNLESS told otherwise by MOM or Kyle. Homework can be done before or after your chores. But homework also needs to be done BEFORE you play outside or indoors. After school is done for the summer, you will have summer homework assigned each day that will be in place of your school homework.

HA! I should be following this! Not the homework part, but the playing part! I pray every morning that the boys are going to sleep in, and I won't have to wake up until 11 like this morning. POPPYCOCK! I need to be getting up with Adam. Eating breakfast with him, having mommy and Adam time. When did I get so lazy?

On the lazy note... I have not jogged this week. Lazy.
Weight: 145.5 (with jeans, 2 shirts, underwear, and bra.)
BMI: 35.5%
Water: 51%
Waist: 33.5
Hips: 39.5

That is a loss of 2 lbs so far. I am not in control of my eating at all. Not one bit. I need to rope it in and figure it out fast. Swimming season is rapidly approaching and I know I am not going to be stuck sitting pool side with jeans and a sweatshirt on. WHOA! I need to get my butt in gear.